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A Better Course (formerly Campaign for Better Nutrition)

We believe there is A Better Course for America to create healthy childhoods, productive adulthoods, and thriving communities.  Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy mind and body, and the food we prepare and eat with each other, strengthens the threads that knit our families and communities together.  We believe all children should be nurtured by the food they eat but often what we see is that the food children eat causes behavior and health problems, triggering long-term metabolic diseases as well as immediate life-threatening reactions due to food allergies and asthma.  Poor nutrition also inhibits children’s working memory and concentration as well as their ability to set goals and correctly evaluate and prioritize options, making it harder for them to benefit from their education.  The reasons for poor childhood nutrition are many fold and stretch from farms to homes and communities.  Our mission is to improve the nutrition low-income children receive through public programs and at home, so they can learn more, be healthier and better achieve their goals.

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